Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Archbishop Fulton Sheen Podcast #5

In last weeks podcast, Archbishop Sheen discussed conscience and how we, as Catholics, sometimes rebel against the teachings of the Church in faith and morals because we are usually committing the very sins we are rebelling against. The fact that someone is not in a state of grace, due to sin, seems to be justification enough to attack the teachings of the Church. This attack, which has the ultimate goal of supporting those who want to continue in their sinful actions, ultimately separates a person from God's grace. The further one goes into sin, the more adamant that person seems to be in their attack of the faith, as the lady in Archbishop Sheen's example from last week clearly shows us.

To combat the attacks against the Church we must learn our faith, pray for people who are currently in mortal sin, and live the faith to the fullest, so people can see a great example of how God's love and grace works in the everyday actions of life. Please pray for all who attack the Church, that they may see the light of truth, repent, and come back home!

In this next podcast, Archbishop Sheen will give his second talk on Good and Evil. This is his second talk on the subject and somehow I feel it is a fitting follow-up to last weeks podcast. We need the politicians, priests, and laity still proclaiming that such intrinsically evil things like abortion, same sex marriage, and contraception, are rights granted to the populous, have to realize that what they are doing is supporting evil, no matter if they themselves do not believe in it. This support automatically separates them from the Grace of God!

God bless you all!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Archbishop Fulton Sheen Podcast #4

This talk has been a long time coming, I feel. With Catholic politicians like our current vice president, along with lay Catholics and clergy in the United States who claim to be practical Catholics publicly, yet continue to vote for and/or support such intrinsically evil things like abortion, contraception, and same sex marriages, etc. need to really listen to this talk by Archbishop Sheen. In this 4th installment of the life is worth living series Fulton Sheen addresses “Conscience” and the choices we make to let us “open the door from the inside” to let our conscience in.

In retrospect, with so many Catholics who voted for and continue to support Obama and his Pro-Death stance, I should have put this podcast up before the election, but I feel it is time to do so now. With our tax dollars, this administration is sending money to Mexico to fund abortion and allow for distribution of contraception, even while millions of Americans are without homes or have lost their jobs due to our economic crisis. Politicians, who claim to be Catholic, voted to continue this aid to Mexico (only 6 of the 24 Catholic senators actually voted to stop it)*.

Just for the record, all you Catholics out there who deny any part of the Catholic teaching in faith and morals have automatically been excommunicated from the Church. In order to be in communion with the Church again, you must go to confession and repent. This form of excommunication is called excommunication “Latae Sententiae” and is automatic, no Priest or Bishop needs to tell you that you have been excommunicated. You, as a Catholic, upon any “Post baptismal denial of the faith” have automatically separated yourself from the Church. For more information on Excommunication Latae Sententiae you can visit the following sites to know more:



* For more information on the senators who tried to stop the funding to Mexico, and those who did not, go to:


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God bless you all!


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Thanks to all the supporters of Prop. 8

Please thank all the people who made a difference on Prop. 8 in California. The Mormons donated $190,000, The Knights of Columbus donated $260,000 and the list goes on and on. There are many other individuals listed on the link above who donated as well and CBSO.blogspot.com wants to thank each and everyone who stood up for what is right despite the backlash that they may receive for doing so. Standing up for true family values (and Christian values in general) is hard in this secular world, but because of supporters like you, Christians everywhere won a decisive victory in California! The dedication and monetary support of all the people listed on the link has finally allowed California to say definitively that marriage is between a "man and a woman" and I personally thank each and every one of you true soldiers for Christ!

To close this tribute to all the true defenders of faith and morals, I would like to leave you all with a quote from Fr. John Corapi from his talk entitled Surrender is Not an Option! In it he states very eloquently that “It is Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!"

May God bless you all!


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