Tuesday, March 26, 2013

As I See It: Equal Marriage Rights

For the record, I do not understand why all these people are supporting something that is morally wrong by updating their status or profile picture on social media sites with the symbol of the red equal bars. When you change your status on the social media sites with that specific image, which shows that you support intrinsic evil, it signifies that you are truly out of touch with reality.  It's times like these that I am reminded of a quote from Archbishop Fulton J Sheen, where he said "Wrong is wrong, even if everybody is wrong and right is right, even if nobody is right." Those words spoken by Archbishop Sheen should resonate within all of us at this point in out history, yet with all these social media updates supporting gay marriage, it would seem that many Americans truly have lost their moral compass! We must remember that the truth is the truth, whether you believe it or not, end of discussion!!

Make no mistake about it, gay marriage is wrong and it will open a flood gate of other immoral marriages as well, so why can't we as Americans see this?  If we simply look at whats going on around the world where same sex marriages are already legal, we would see that they are now fighting to allow people in those countries to marry family members, to have group marriages, and the list goes on and on. Gay marriage is not the answer, if it is legalized it will open a can of worms that simply would erode what morality we have left in America, and would lead to the downfall of society (remember what happened in Rome when intrinsic evils such as this were legalized??)  My advice to all of you out there changing your status on the social media sites is to read current world events, get knowledge, and learn the truth of what is really going on with this issue! For Marriage truly means one man and one woman only!

God bless America!