Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Confession (Part 1)

This week’s podcast comes to us from “The Reason for Our Hope Foundation” which was started by Fr. Larry Richards. Fr Larry's main purpose is to teach us the rich and wonderful truth about our Catholic faith, whether we want to hear it or not.

Lent is about bringing us closer to God and in this time of 40 days we, as Catholic Christians, renew our faith through the example of Christ who was tempted in the wilderness, but never gave in to that temptation. As Catholic Christians, we are often tempted by this secular world and for the times that we allow those temptations to lead us to sin, confession is there to help us renew our covenant with Christ and to build a stronger and more loving relationship with Him.

In this two part podcast you will learn why we should tell our sins to a priest, what sins Catholics need to confess to a priest, and what the benefit of confession is in our daily walk with Christ. Fr. Larry's "Confession" talk was instrumental in my reconversion back to the Catholic faith. That is why it gives me great pleasure to present one of his "life changing" talks to you this week. I hope this talk will change your life as much has it has changed mine.

Note: When this podcast is finished, please go to Confession (Part2) to finish this two part talk.

“Your Life will be changed forever” (quote by Fr. Larry Richards)

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God bless you all!


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Catholic Family Bible said...

Sometimes it is very light feeling when you tell someone about the sin you had done in the past and that you repent on the act. The tension and feeling of guilt goes away as you confess in front of Holy Father.

Brano Willis