Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Authority and Infallibility

“Authority is not only for service; authority is to be exercised because one loves!”  (Archbishop Fulton Sheen)

As I am sure you guessed with the opening quote by Archbishop Fulton Sheen, this week’s podcast will deal directly with the Authority and Infallibility of the Catholic Church.  Many people misunderstand, or do not even know why the Catholic Church has the authority to govern the Catholic Christian faithful in the area of faith and morals, or even understand the charism of infallibility.  

We see that in the ongoing controversy with the health care reform, which directly affects the hospitals and social programs run by the Catholic Church, how religious freedoms here in the United States are threatened!  We have politicians and law makers trying to tell the Catholic Church how to run their hospitals, colleges and social programs.  We even see those same lawmakers trying to change our beliefs in what Marriage truly is!  So, my question to you is how is this religious freedom?  If you tell a religious organization how to run their social programs and what they should believe in, in the area of faith and morals, how are they free to practice their religion?

So, with all these issues making headlines yet again, I am sure as a Catholic Christian, we would like some clarification on why it is important for the Catholic Church to have her religious freedoms and why the Catholic Church has the authority to govern us in faith and morals. 

Let’s sit back and listen to Archbishop Fulton Sheen talk about Authority and Infallibility and perhaps let us learn a little more about our faith as well.  Remember, “In this error infested world, what we really need is a Church and an Authority that is right, not when the world is right, but one that is right when the world is wrong!”  (Archbishop Fulton Sheen)

God Bless!


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